Alan Dean is an artist best known for his Black art prints and reproduction relating to Africa, African Americans, and Caribbean people and culture. "Being an African American myself, I am more comfortable with presenting my perspective on Afro-Americana, if there is such a word."

"I respect the artists involved in abstract art, but I would prefer to present life without distortion," said Alan Dean. "Along with aesthetics, I would rather have a message, too."

"I am unknown to most people as an artist today, but I have been creating my artwork since the mid-1970s. Early in my art career, I had the honor of presenting Muhammad Ali's drawing to him that he hung in his training camp in Deer Lake, Pa, until it closed. Furthermore, I was fortunate to have visited Muhammed Ali's training camp on a few occasions, where I had an opportunity to sit and talk with him privately about my art. "In the mid-1980s, I was blessed to participate in an art show in Dakar Senegal, West Africa, with a large group of other African American artists from the United States. Also, in the late 1980s, I was happy to see several of my drawings posted on the walls in the man's dormitory in Spike Lee's movie school daze.

I am originally from Baltimore, Md., but I have traveled to and lived in several states in the United States over the years. Eventually, I moved to the Caribbean, where I lived for over a decade. While there, I produced several of the drawings that you see on my website. While in the Caribbean, I was also blessed to pursue my other love, singing. I billed myself as The Soul Singer, and I entertained tourists visiting the island I was living at the time. A few years ago, I spent a year in Southeast Asia, where I spent time traveling to a few places in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

I enjoyed traveling very much, and I have seen some beautiful places and met some fascinating people. However, everywhere I have been, I found that the people had more problems than what we have in the United States. Eventually, I concluded that there is no safe refuge from the issues plaguing our world today. I then decided to move back to the United States and strive to help make a difference here that will set a better example for the world."