The Power of Impression

The Power of Impression

As an artist, I understand that the key to art is the power of impression. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth with great powers of impressions to influence, mode, and guide humankind towards knowledge and understanding. Then, God placed within humanity a nature-like wet clay that can be shaped, molded, and guided by the physical creation. By pondering the wonders in the heavens and the earth, humanity grew in knowledge and eventually understood science. But today, humanity is lost in man's ability to reshape people's mold by influencing our own power of impression.

I believe many of our inner-city problems are related to the fact that most inner-city people see little, if any, of the natural world, and all they see is manufactured. Our youths are impressed with tennis shoes, gold chains, expensive cars, tattoos, guns, etc. As adults, open to impressions ourselves, we have been charmed by the desire for many material things that we are impressed with or buy to impress others. We have been sold products and lifestyles not to help us develop intellect, culture, or righteousness but to stimulate man's wealth.

Whoever controls the power to impress people the most controls education and man's growth or destruction. The commercial media, television, cable, movies, and the radio of today have the enormous power to impress the people and reshape man's mold. The commercial media should be helping to educate and uplift our society morally. But, instead, they are encouraging the people to fall victim to their weaknesses to make more money and rule over us as our God.

We look back into our history at what we consider ancient times at those who worshiped idol gods and say to ourselves, how could those people carve images out of stone or wood and then start worshiping these things as their gods? We invented the television and the commercial media of today, but now we worship the very things we made. And this is the same thing that the ancient people did, but they only had rocks and wood to work with to build their pagan gods. But, we here in the 21st century have a lot more to work with to create our pagan gods. Commercial media, television, cable, movies, and even the radio have become the 21st-century pagan gods we created and are now worship.

The technology itself is not evil, but encouraging people to fall victim to their weaknesses and decay morally to make money is evil. We see new technology introduced into the marketplace every year and believe we are going forward culturally. However, the truth is we are going back into an idol and pagan worship society. What we created is now dictating who we must be to serve it. The commercial media have remodeled the purpose of the human being into something that has no other reason for living but to feed it money.

However, all good is from God, and all bad is from ourselves. The commercial media have so much power over us because most people worship popularity instead of God. And the commercial media control who and what becomes popular in this world. We fuel the fire of destruction against ourselves by giving our money to products that serve our defeat by demanding the people do everything shameful and disobedient to God.

My African American History Museum

I want to help solve the many problems in the African American inner-city neighborhoods today and improve race relations by reintroducing the Story of Slavery from a different perspective. I think the view that African American history is presented now misrepresents the truth, and it encourages hatred and an inferiority complex in the African Americans. And I also believe that it promotes a guilt complex in many European people. A historical story about a race of people should encourage everyone worldwide to get to know one another, not to despise and hate one another if we want peace and cooperation on earth.

I believe it is in all people's best interest to help create this museum, no matter your faith or heritage. Together, we can make a difference by establishing facts based on the belief in God that will encourage all people worldwide to get to know one another not to despise one another.

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