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"I am unknown to most people as an artist today, but I have been creating my artwork since the mid-1970s. Early in my art career, I had the honor of presenting Muhammad Ali's drawing to him that he hung in his training camp in Deer Lake, Pa, until it closed. Furthermore, I was fortunate to have visited Muhammed Ali's training camp on a few occasions, where I had an opportunity to sit and talk with him privately about my art. "In the mid-1980s, I was blessed to participate in an art show in Dakar Senegal, West Africa, with a large group of other African American artists from the United States. Also, in the late 1980s, I was happy to see several of my drawings posted on the walls in the man's dormitory in Spike Lee's movie school daze.



I want to help solve the many problems in the African American inner-city neighborhoods today and improve race relations by reintroducing the Story of Slavery from a different perspective. I think the view that African American history is presented now misrepresents the truth, and it encourages hatred and an inferiority complex in the African Americans. And I also believe that it promotes a guilt complex in many European people. A historical story about a race of people should encourage all the people in the world to get to know one another, not to despise and hate one another if we want peace and cooperation on earth.



To learn the true history of Slavery, I recommend that you watch a documentary on YouTube by Thomas Sowell, The Real History of Slavery. In his documentary, Thomas Sowell tells us what really happened in the African slave trade and the Story of Slavery throughout the history of humanity.



However, it is not enough to solely report what happened in the African slave trade because the facts don't necessarily explain why these things happened. I believe only the truth that represents a belief in God and righteousness can set us free to leave the past behind and allow us to go forth and develop a prosperous future that represents justice for us all. My goal is to produce an African American museum that will retell the African American story. I intend to offer the African American story from a perspective that will encourage God-fearing people to accept that all good is from God and that all bad is from ourselves. If black people did great things in the past, and God took it away from them, this must mean that they were no longer righteous people serving God. I say this because God tells us in his holy books that He would never change the graces He gave people until after they disobeyed His laws. To believe anything else is to say that someone or something has the power to make God into a liar.



In my African American history museum, I plan to tell the Story from a perspective that will honor the many Europeans who help bring Slavery to an end. The ex-slaves won't be presented solely as the unfortunate victims, and the white man won't be portrayed merely as the evil slave master. Also, I want to let the world know that the Europeans should be credited for bringing Slavery to an end, not those who created it. The truth is that before the first white man came to Africa, the Africans and the Arabs already had a thriving slave trade. The first Europeans who came to Africa looked for gold, but they were offered slaves instead. The Europeans did not make slaves out of Africans because they were already slaves before they got there. On the contrary, the Africans made slave masters out of the Europeans. I believe a museum that represents this version of African American history will set an example that will encourage the people of the world to realize and accept that only a belief in God and the practice of righteousness can solve the many problems we face today.



I believe it is in all people's best interest to help create this museum, no matter your faith or heritage. Together, we can make a difference by establishing facts based on the belief in God that will encourage all people worldwide to get to know one another not to despise one another.



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